Aston's Future: Rapide Stays in the Pipeline

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With Aston Martin sliding into the aegis of Prodrive's David Richards and his consortium of Kuwaiti interests, some wondered what would become of the upcoming Rapide four-door. As it turns out, Aston will continue preparing the new model for production, a plan made public following the Rapide concept's launch in Detroit last year. Chief executive, Ulrich Bez says the Rapide could arrive on its original schedule. That is, in time for a 2010 launch, adding 1,000 to 2,000 cars to the company's output. We figure if we put aside a few thousand a month rather than pay rent, we may have a shot at one of the first thousand. Oh, sweet delayed gratification.


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The idea of a Rapide wagon makes me want to go grab the nearest homeless lady and make out with her. In a good way. Never suggest something that awesome again, caveman.