Does BMW's Hydrogen i8 Sound Like The Future?

This is only some B-roll footage of Robocop’s dream car doing rounds around the track, but the sound the car makes is really something else. See you at a dealership in five years?

While Toyota and Honda are backed by the Japanese government in order to stay on the top of the fuel cell game, Hyundai, the VW Group, GM, Daimler, Ford, Nissan and BMW are not far behind. In fact, the Bavarians have been working together with Toyota for a while, who also released a bunch of their patents to accelerate fuel cell research.


Carmakers will soon be required to sell a certain amount of zero emission vehicles in America by law, so the only question is whether those cars will be powered by giant battery packs, or equally large high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

What’s for sure is that despite being so close to production, this prototype sounds as alien as it gets:

Then again, the freaky headlamps aside I really couldn’t ask for a better looking sci-fi cruiser.

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Hydrogen is the fuel of the future. And it always will be.