Dodge Will Make You A Viper However The Hell You Want It

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Dodge hasn't had it easy selling Vipers. First they had to discount them by fifteen grand, then the Hellcats stole all the thunder, and now the Z06 is at the top of the American sports car food chain. But if you want a customizable, hand-built, 645hp sports car for under $100k, you can have it with the Viper GTC.


According to's Kicking Tires blog, for only $94,995 Viper GTC customers can have a buying experience that is often reserved for folks spending two or three times that amount on exotic cars. The GT Custom also known as the Viper 1 of 1 program gives customers a choice of 8,000 hand painted exterior color options and 24,000 hand-painted stripe options, in addition to: 10 wheel choices, 16 interior trims, six aero packages, and other stand alone options. In total there is 25 million possible combinations.

In order to maintain complete exclusivity, Dodge will not allow two customers to build the exact same car within the same model year. Every customer will get a personal concierge at the dealership to assist with the customization process. If you are unsure on how your color and stripe combo will work on a real car, Dodge has you covered.

When a customer selects a color and stripe package, a small paint chip will be sent to the buyer for confirmation. After that, a 1-18 scale "speed form" model of the Viper painted in the chosen colors will be sent. When the owner gives the final go-ahead, the car's colors and specs will be locked in...

Once the car is completed each Viper GTC comes with a "1 of 1" plaque with the owner's name. A blank plaque will also be included in case the owner chooses to sell the car. As for delivery GTC buyers have a few choices. For no cost they can pick up their Viper at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, or for $2000 the car will be shipped in a closed container to their local dealer. But if the buyer is really in a rush to burn some rubber, express shipping from the assembly line is also available, the price for this will vary depending on distance.

For more info on the Viper 1 of 1 program go here.

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