Dodge Dog-Gate Continues, Fake Puppy Snuff Viral Vid Still Available On Internet

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Chrysler Group PR main-man Jason Vines dropped a press release yesterday claiming he's working hard to get the Dutch viral video of a dog being electrocuted by the Dodge Nitro SUV off of YouTube. The only problem is it doesn't look like it's doing a lot of good. Actually, if you do a simple search of the popular pop video site for the words "Dodge Nitro Electrocuting Dog", you'll find there's still a copy up there. Gasp! In fact, the video's seeped out of the corporate-capitulating confines of GooTube, and moved to other places on the interwebs — even finding its way onto a mainstream media site like the Detroit Free Press, attached to Tim Higgins article this morning. Double Gasp! We've no idea where else you might find it — oh, wait, what's this I see after the jump? Double Dog Gasp!