Do Attractive Women Drive Attractive Cars?

Even before he invited us to hoon the Dragon, Mr. Navarro was one of our most favorite readers. Besides his constant (and appreciated) Se7enangelism, quit wit and generally good grammar, Al is genuinely enthusiastic about Jalopnik. To wit: heading my call from yesterday's QOTD to help prevent insane arguments between myself and Davey from spiraling out of control in into Questions, Al took it upon himself to supply with half a dozen queries. Since we still can't wrap our heads fully around this daylight savings nonsense, we'll let Al have his fun with this, his first Question.


About five years ago we had a saying, "Hot chicks drive Jettas, weird chicks drive the new Bug." Simultaneously Volkswagen lost the plot and we started dating a very attractive Beetle owner. Er, former Beetle owner as she crashed it. And blamed the ensuing head trauma as the reason why she ever dated us. Anyhow, in our eyes Jettas are anything but attractive. You?

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