Ferrari 308 GTB vs. Citroen DS

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From the mind of Davey G... First of all, yes, Herr Johnson and I actually have conversations about things like this. A lot. Constantly, actually. So you can think of this as settling a bet for us. Also, some of you may recall the last time we put the 308 up to a vote it handily beat out the Lamborghini Jalpa by a 20% margin. But that was then. This time the budget Ferrari is facing the heavyweight opponent of the French automotive scene, L'Goddess. So, which will it be? Mid-engine or hydro-pneumatic? Single spoke steering wheel or pop up lights? A Malaise Era Ferrari, or the pride of the French nation? And if you want to prevent Questions of the Day like this in the future, email with the subject "QOTD" and your suggestion.



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Raphael Orlove

The DS says that you have a very good knowledge of cars and appreciate real class. You are cultured. The 308 says you don't give a shit. Then again, the 308 is what they'd be expecting you to do. When you call a DS classy, people understand. When you call a 308 classy, people laugh and say "I don't think you know what that word means". Which one would look cooler with my rad-ass high school dropout punk friend behind the wheel blasting the Adicts? Forget culture or counter culture, what would the MAD type drive? As for that matter, why is my head exploding?