Before I ever started watching Top Gear or checking out cars on the internet, my tastes were pretty focused on old muscle cars. Then one day I saw this. A Maserati Bora.

It was just so beautiful. So clean and gorgeous. I knew nothing about it, but I immediately started learning about Maserati and then Alfa Romeo and Ferrari and all kinds of European sports car.

I kept an open mind. I was rewarded.

In the same way, Lockon Stratos was struck by some cars outside of his usual circle when he saw that great NFS ad.

This commercial made me realize that as enthusiast, car nuts, gear heads we must not fight each other over what brand is better...

I admit it! I am a loyalist to Chevy, but I would not mind having a Raptor or R8.
I'm tired of fighting with the inter webs about this, I'm going to go out today and share with my fellow car brothers and sisters! My knowledge and experiences with my cars and hope they will follow for a better car world.


Preach it.

Photo Credit: shelbyGT500707