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Screenshot: Logan Seavey on Twitter

Just a few weeks after impressing in his NASCAR debut at Eldora, California-born Toyota Racing Development driver Logan Seavey was forced to take to the wall in order to avoid crashing in a midget sprint race Saturday night at the Newmanstown, Pennsylvania Lanco’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway. Perhaps it was a bit of Tony Hawk, or perhaps it was a bit of Herbie the love bug, but either way it worked and he continued on in the race.

After a driver spun exiting the corner, there was little recourse for Seavey to avoid running headlong into that stationary car. With some quick thinking, and a whole lot of luck, Seavey steered out of his slide trajectory and straightened out at the last second to go around the high side of the stopped car. The really high side.


I’m impressed.

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