Dieter Snubbed at German Mercedes Dealership

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Back when we worked retail, we were supplied with a photo of our company president in case he happened to walk in. He was not a good president, but he was president nonetheless. In fact, Gawker may be the only company we've ever worked for run by a savvy businessman (Black helicopters overhead or the lure of coke 'n' hookers dangled before us? You decide). Regardless, Auto Motor und Sport reports that Dieter showed up as a secret shopper at a German Mercedes-Benz dealer and was summarily kept waiting by the receptionist for three-quarters of an hour. When the DCX CEO asked to talk to the boss, he was curtly informed that he was busy, without even lifting the phone to check. Kopfs we think, is gonna roll.

Mercedes-Chef Zetsche in geheimer Mission [Auto Motor und Sport via Das AutoWeblog]


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