DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche Gets a "Mustache" Ride From Google

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So one of us was actually doing his due dilligence today — checking his spelling, dotting the t's and crossing the i's — when he dropped the word "mustache" into the Google hopper to determine if it required one umlaut or two. Lo and behold, what do we find — our favorite David Cross look-alike, DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche pops up as the middle picture in the top-placed Image results for the upper lip hairpiece. We always knew Dieter had fantastic facial hair — but never did we realize how fantastic it was. But luckily, Google was there — churning bits and bytes of data to answer for us not only the spelling — but also the most exemplary example. The best part? He beat out the following sites for the coveted top-of-the-page status:


World Beard and Moustache Championships

whymilk.com - Home

The Glorius Mustache Challenge


More Details From Dieter About DCX Sprocket-Sharing [internal]

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