Die Antwoord Once Again Has The Best Cars

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South African music weirdness Die Antwoord consistently has the best cars in all of music. In a day and age when Frank Ocean can show up with a McLaren F1 GTR Longtail, they just raised the bar with this funky as hell Subaru WRX STI art car.

Don’t get me wrong, the F1 is definitely an inspired choice. But we can’t just rest on our cultural laurels, can we? Just declare Frank Ocean the One True Car Music God for all time and leave it that?

Hell no. Die Antwoord just came out with a music video for their song Banana Brain and it’s got this sweet, sweet STI art car:


The art’s probably been done by some sort of semi-famous artist running in some circle that I am not cool enough for and for which I remain ignorant, so if anyone has any ideas please educate me in the comments.

The song itself and the rest of the video is a bit derivative and “eh” at best, and nowhere near as good as some of their past work, but still! That art car. They could’ve put anything in the world in their videos, but they chose this.


And it should be applauded. Good on you, Die Antwoord, for getting an STI and making it look even better.


Yeah, even with the mild stance and the lights. I SAID IT.