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Frank Ocean Returns In A McLaren F1 GTR In His New 'Endless' Video

Illustration for article titled Frank Ocean Returns In A McLaren F1 GTR In His New Endless Video

After more delays than the Elio Three Wheeler and the mid-engine Corvette put together, singer and obsessive car nerd Frank Ocean is finally—finally!—back with some new music. Endless dropped Thursday night, and it’s a “visual album” released through Apple Music. Fine, whatever. But the first song I’ve heard is solid, and being that this is Frank Ocean, the cars are too.

Here’s the video for “Nikes,” and it’s a surreal (and kinda NSFW-ish if you’re working today) affair with some very chill music. And also, a Ueno Clinic McLaren F1 GTR, an E30 M3 (of course), a Gulf liveried Aston Martin DBR9, and more.

At this point I’m convinced he must read Jalopnik, because his taste in cars is wonderful and eclectic. And on his previous albums and mixtapes, he’s always found ways to work BMW E30s, 5.0 Mustangs, Integras and more into his videos, album art, lyrics and titles. Plenty of musicians roll around in Bentleys and Lamborghinis; Frank is our dude because he keeps things way more interesting.


I haven’t watched the rest of Endless yet but I will just to scope out the cars in it. If you’ve seen any good ones, throw them in the comments.

Hat tip to Jon!

Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.

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If only cars could talk....

F1 GTR LM: Who in the hell is Frank Ocean? I didn’t miss a SVRA event for nothing. I bet this guy has nothing on Paul Ricard.

F1 GTR: I have no idea. He didn’t drive any of us in our heyday. Doesn’t matter, I’m still more famous then him. I was the best car in SCUD race...

DBR9: (Going through mid-life crisis) Went from dominating the GT1 world, to being put in a rap video. Put me on the track, the V8 Vantage is garbage compared to me. I need a new agent.

R8: I didn’t get spun into a fence, repaired and sat in a musuem, just to have two Asian twins make out behind me in a stupid trippy music video. Where’s the 917s? They’re used to being filmed....