Track day, bro. It's time for our pal at Regular Car Reviews to take on the sometimes overlooked but perfectly fun and respectable warm hatch, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

I too have driven the Veloster Turbo, and while it's not as hardcore as some of its competitors, it's different and always up for a spirited drive. As our reviewer says here, it's an example of Hyundai giving people what they want.

Besides cracking the code behind the Veloster's funky name, RCR says something a lot of folks have been thinking for some time: that maybe, just maybe, with affordable cars like the CRX-like Veloster Turbo and Prelude-esque Genesis Coupe (except power goes to the rear wheels on that one) Hyundai is the new Honda.

He also calls it "the car for 20-somethings who hate seeing other people succeed." I can't really remember anyone saying that about Honda, ever, so take that as you will.