A recent article from WND asked "Did an angel save this car-crash victim?" Perhaps the more accurate question would be "Did an evil ghost priest cause this near-fatal car crash?"

KHQA7 News reports that driver Katie Lentz was struck by another car crossing the median on Missouri 19, this past Sunday morning.


Emergency crews were having great difficulty cutting Katie free from her crushed W124 Mercedes ("It was a very well-built car," said the local fire chief) for about an hour until Katie asked to pray out loud with the responders.

That's when witnesses state a Catholic priest bearing anointing oil arrived, offered a prayer, and told everyone their equipment would work. Shortly thereafter, the fire department arrived and freed Katie.

When everyone went looking for the priest to thank him, the man was nowhere to be found. Both WND as well as Katie's family and friends suppose that the priest could have been an angel.


Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik's chief Paranormality and Mysterious Non-Livingness Expert supposed an alternate hypothesis - perhaps the mysterious figure was a...GHOST PRIEST.

He shows up on the same stretch of highway where he was killed 20 years ago, causes wrecks, then appears to pray. And then disappears!

We at Jalopnik seriously encourage the Missouri Department of Transportation to look into this ghost priest issue.


Katie is being hospitalized for a broken wrist and several ribs, and injuries to both of her legs.