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The Detroit Auto Show may be chock full of cars and gears and engines, but there is still some love for the techno-fiends out there. XM's completely customized Infiniti QX56 "Infotainment Vehicle" includes a wide array of features including the standard touchscreen interface, a programming guide, XM Satellite Radio (obviously), XM NavTraffic, NavInfo, NavWeather, voice commands Parking Link and more.


The back of the QX56 contains the brains of this demo vehicle. Understand that the Infotainment Vehicle is completely customized and built for demonstration of all of XM's next generation goods and won't be hitting an Infiniti dealership in this current state. Despite the mess of electronics and other goods, there is actually four different, independent computers powering everything inside the QX56. This ultimately could allow every screen inside of the vehicle to operate independently.


Easily, the most impressive feature is the XM NavWeather, NavInfo and NavTraffic. The NavWeather provides live weather updates on the fly. It divides up the map into a grid. Each square on the grid is approximately 4.3 square miles and provides its own independent weather information. Pair this up with Infiniti's navigation to provide accurate and completely customized driving forecasts.

NavTraffic provides up to the minute traffic information with the navigation. As with other traffic analyzers, roads are color-coded based based on pace of traffic; specific incidents are highlighted and can be opened to provide details. The Hyundai Genesis is one of the vehicles being shown off at the Detroit Auto Show and the first Hyundai that will be including NavTraffic. Many vehicles from Acura, Cadillac, Ferrari, Lexus, Infiniti, Nissan and Toyota also include XM NavTraffic.

NavInfo is a robust suite of information about everything from flight times and statuses, gas prices and more. It is also integrated into the navigation seamlessly.


XM's Parking Link is still a ways away from reality, but the idea is good. On the map, parking garages are highlighted and information is given based on available spaces. It can also display prices. XM also said that a street-level version of Parking Link is far off, but nonetheless under discussion.

Sports scores, stock prices and standard XM radio with a programming guide are also parts of the Infotainment Vehicle and the future technology available from XM.

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