Detroit Auto Show: X-Prize Automotive Entries to be Unveiled

Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: X-Prize Automotive Entries to be Unveiled

The Automotive X-Prize competition is jumping the gun this year and will be unveiling all 43 entrant at the Detroit Auto Show next month. This is big news for the entrants because it will allow surveying of the competition three months prior to the actual beginning of the $10 million competition in March at the New York Auto Show.


X-Prize began as a somewhat farfetched competition to build space-bound aircrafts, but it has since evolved into many sub-categories, one being an automotive grouping that requires clean, efficient and most importantly, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 mpg. The actual X-Prize Automotive competition pits each vehicle through rigorous tests evaluation all aspects of the vehicle.

Pictured above is Aptera, what us gamblers would call the "lock" for the prize. Aptera is a $30,000 electric plug-in and plug-in hybrid capable for 300 mpg. [Click On Detroit]




Totally. I wonder if the Aptera has a plywood frame and a used washing machine motor too.

Actually, I kinda do like the look of both cars, not too sure about the Aptera's tail, but the rest of it has kind of a 1960s retro futurist look to it.

The 20th Century Dale was a good looking car too, a shame it all wound up as a scam, but companies making those kind of pie in the sky promises with nothing to back them up have a habit of working out that way.