Detroit Auto Show: We Get The Down Low On The Passat CC

The PR people at VeeDub were more than happy to give us a walk through of the black Volkswagen CC, which looks even better than the silver model. Though it's called the Passat CC, and will be likely thought of as a Passat, the current talk is that they'll drop the Passat moniker and offer it as the next step up for VW buyers that didn't go for Phaeton and would otherwise get an Audi or BMW. And we included a close up of the doors for those that asked.Who loves you?


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Did he mention price target at all in there? I missed it. It looks like a nice car, but there are plenty of options in the near luxury market. I would be interested in a point by point comparo of Audi and BMW competitors, if that is what VW is looking to compete with. The problem isn't designing good cars, imo, having owned a half dozen of them, in response to Andy. The problem is designing cars that fit their market niche, do the Farfegnugen, and meet or beat the prices of the competition.