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Detroit Auto Show: Auto Show Gourmet Presents Our Top Five Favorite Press Meals

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

So that automotive journalists never see the light of day, automakers provide ample food at their events and in little cafes they setup above the auto show floor. Compared to certain auto shows where the food is of questionable chemistry, the grub isn't too shabby at Detroit (the only things not shabby in Detroit are within Cobo hall right now). Below is our list of the five best meals at Detroit, including a sporting meal with Bill Walton and Spud Webb.

The Top Five Favorite Press Meals At The Detroit Auto Show

1. Hot Dogs With Spud Webb & Bill Walton &mdash Kia

When Kia announced their 2009 Borrego the crowd of journalists was overwhelmed by vendors throwing at hot dogs and peanuts at the assembled press. The press was then led through a confusing presentation in which Bill Walton and Spud Webb started shooting (and missing) basketballs. What does this have to do with a Kia? We don't know either, but a hot dog is always a nice treat.


2. Pretzels & Beer &mdash VW

Though we like the Passat CC, we were a little underwhelmed by the presentation. Thankfully, VW had a well-appointed lounge above their stand complete with Heineken and freshly baked pretzels in which we were able to ponder our disappointment.


3. Bass, Crabcake Salad & Blueberry Cobbler &mdash Chrysler

As we mentioned, the food and beer flows at The Firehouse, where Dr. Z is our new Sam "Mayday" Malone. The crabcake salad was a nice change from the junk food and power bars we'd been downing all morning, and the blueberry cobbler was divine.

4. Tea & Espresso &mdash Infiniti

Though the Infiniti Infotainment System is fun to look at, it's the tea and espresso (InfiniTEA, get it?) that the company provided that made our morning just a little more enjoyable.


5. Lox Egg Croissants &mdash MB

The classiest egg McMuffin you'll ever see was at the Mercedes lounge, where in between gossip about Dr. Z and Kim Catrall's secret love nest in Pennsylvania you could chow down on mini croissants with egg, nova lox and a dash of fresh sage.