Volkswagen is still trying to grab the luxury car brass ring that slipped through their grasp with the Phaeton. So be it. This time out though, instead of going after S-Classes and 7-Series, VW wants to grab steal from the likes of the Mercedes-Benz CLS (and Audi's A6, though die Volks don't want us talking 'bout that). However, instead of making a swoopy "4-door coupe" like MB did, the Passat CC looks like someone dragged an Infiniti M45 out behind the chicken coop and beat it with a ruler. For reals, have you ever seen so many straight lines? The front resembles a buffed-out Sebring hood sitting atop an R8's headlights. Still, the rear of the CC is quite fetching and we're considering getting married to in that glorious back seat.