Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: Mercedes GLK revealed officially, again, amidst uncomfortable old people sexual innuendo

Aside from adding yet another word to it's name — it's now known as either the 2009 Mercedes-Benz GLK Vision 320 CTDi Bluetec Freeside Concept, or the 2009 Mercedes-Benz GLK Vision 320 CTDi Blutec Townside Concept, the latter loses off-road pretensions — the most notable thing to occur at this second official unveiling was the creepy flirting taking place between Dr. Z and Kim Catrall. Seriously, after watching Kim speak of her "admiration" of Dr. Z's "tight package" we had to put up with his promise to "show her around afterwards." Trust us, it sounds creepier in Gerglish. We had to leave when Dr. Z promised to "heat it up in here." If Ray wasn't such a slave driver, we'd be well on our way back to the hotel to take a scalding hot shower.


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