Detroit-Area Jalops: Join Us For The Woodward Dream Cruise Tomorrow Morning

Image credit: Alex Neville/David Tracy. Art: Jason Torchinsky
Image credit: Alex Neville/David Tracy. Art: Jason Torchinsky

Lots of cars have been cruising metro Detroit’s Woodward Avenue all week, but on Saturday the Woodward Dream Cruise will turn the fabled Michigan M-1 into a genuine traffic jam of classic iron from all around the world. Erin Marquis and I are going to be there, and you should go, too. So let’s meet beforehand, shall we?


After calling dozens of businesses to find a meetup spot, I landed on one of my favorite salvage yards in all of the land, U-Pull And Save Auto Parts in Pontiac, Michigan. It’s an incredible yard built on the grounds of an old General Motors stamping plant at 240 E Columbia Ave, Pontiac, MI 48340.

My Postal Jeep and I will be there from 9:30 until 10:30, at which point, we’ll all head out to Woodward, and cruise until either A) We get tired of it or B) Our cars break down. Either way.

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You said “one of” because US Auto in Sterling Heights is your favorite, right?