While the current look of the Chevrolet Camaro has taken a turn for the worse, the fifth-generation car went a long way in reestablishing a classic. Someone at this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise found a way to make it look even better—they made it a wagon.

Driving back from the Woodward Dream Cruise, a few of my colleagues were shaken out of their foggy road trip state of mind by this, a wagonified custom Camaro that looks infuriatingly well done, considering GM never dared be interesting enough to actually produce a Camaro wagon.

As they shared images of the car from the highway in our work chat, David Tracy pointed out that he had also spotted the car at this past weekend’s Woodward Dream Cruise. It’s like it was destined to be on Jalopnik, so here it is.


I think the best angle on this thing, by far, is the rear end, where the squared quartet of taillights and flat trunk lid almost make the original Camaro design seem intentionally penned for a wagon body style. It just looks so damn good. The car’s strong arching rear fender also goes a long way in keeping an inherently boxy car looking sleek and muscly.

This looks like someone put a lot of time into getting it right, and I’m just glad it found us.


Update 3:51 p.m.: Reader Eric V. sent me a link to a forum thread discussing what seems to be the build of this car! Go check it out.