Is The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro A Design Tragedy? A Cargument

Spring is here—or at least it is in some places, we’re still freezing our asses off in New York as we approach May—and that means it’s the sports car time. Time for people to put away those winter tires, drop the convertible top, and maybe even make a weather-influenced fun new car purchase. Like a 2019 Chevrolet Camaro, for example. But will the updated Camaro’s controversial new face keep buyers at bay?


Welcome back to Carguments, where the Jalopnik staff desperately tries to meet its monthly video quotas by filming ourselves in the office as we scream at each other. This week, we’re talkin’ Camaros.

My deputy editor Mike Ballaban thinks everything is fine with the new Camaro. He admits that, yes, it has a lot of grille now, but so does every new car. And he doesn’t think anyone will care.

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As for me, I cargue it’s not that simple. I think that to compensate for the Camaro’s lagging sales behind the Ford Mustang—driven in part by the fact that it doesn’t look that much different from the previous-generation Camaro—Chevrolet resorted to a drastic refresh that’s made the Camaro all grille, all the time. And I’m not a fan.

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Michael Ballaban

Hmmm... I’m just a humble reader, never heard of this wonderful website until JUST THIS SECOND obviously, but I have to say this “Ballaban” guy schooled you pretty good, Patrick. His arguments are sound, concise, lucid, and he is also exceedingly handsome.

Yep, definitely think he won. Definitely, definitely.

Did I mention how handsome he is?

Extremely handsome.

Please let Patrick know how badly he was schooled in the comments, and also how handsome the other guy is.