In 2016, a group of designers in the Netherlands set out to transform a Tesla Model S into a hearse, which is a very smart idea. The same group behind that concept, RemetzCar, is now putting out a limited run of Model S station wagons. They look sharp!


RemetzCar is teaming up with Dutch designer Niels Van Roij Design to make a run of 20 Model S P90D station wagons, according to a press release issued this week. Van Roij dubbed the car a “shooting brake,” but with four doors, it’s more correct here to call it a station wagon.

“Design is the most important reason for purchase globally—regardless of the purchase price, gender or age of the buyer,” Van Roij said in the release. “So, we’ve invested a lot of time in the design process of our Shooting Brake.”

The group produced three different designs and 16 themes, and Van Roij said the final conversion merges “seamlessly” with the base design of the Model S. It has a bold look with a new rear that’s completely new, Van Roij said.


The first unit is nearly completed, and the car is set to be revealed this coming March. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see it up close.

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk

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