This Tesla Hearse Is An Ideal Use Of An Electric Car

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If you think about it, a station wagon designed to haul dead people, slowly and with dignity, from a funeral home to a graveyard, is sort of an ideal use for a Tesla. You know, a hearse. The Tesla Model S is elegant-looking, appropriately and somberly quiet, and the short jaunts to and from local graveyards won’t require any special charging infrastructure. It’s perfect! I guess that’s why this one exists.

A reader named Gedeon who lives in Leiden, the Netherlands, sent us these pictures of what looks to be the first Tesla Model S hearse I’ve seen in the wild.

It appears to be a RemetzCar hearse, a company in the Netherlands better known for making limousines. The Tesla hearse concept was announced last year at the Funeral Exhibition 2016 in Gorinchem. I guess our invite to cover that got lost in the mail.


The Tesla hearse appears to be stretched in the same manner RemetzCar makes their Tesla limos: the battery pack is removed, then the pan is stretched, then all the batteries are replaced.

It’s worth noting that the hearse is in the European style, which includes windows in the casket-area, instead of the acres of vinyl and landau bars that American hearses favor. It also looks like it would make a really lovely Tesla shooting brake, too.


I’d also like to mention that I predicted this back in 2012. Go ahead, check the chart; right there you’ll see Model H, a Tesla hearse. My little thumbnail is an American-style hearse, but that hardly matters to the usual occupants, right?


Really, Tesla should look at this for a wagon option. That thing is seriously sleek.