Definitive Video Proof Women Care How Big It Is

The Austrian Army knows what women want: big, robust manly things that many of them can fit into at once. Turns out, that's the exact opposite of an Audi R8.

Here's an rough translation:

Audi Driver: Hey Girls, wanna go for a spin in my fast ride?
Girls: ehh not sure, there's not even enough space for all of us
Soldier: Wazzup girls, in the mood for a joyride?
Girls: Yay!
Soldier: Join the army if you wanna drive a tank.
Soldier2: Jump in.
Audi Driver: Hey, what about the spin?
Girl: forget It, I want to drive something big!
Narrator: The Austrian Armed Forces offer unique opportunities for young people who are at least 18, everything else is just everyday life.


[via Quattroholic]

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