Definitive Video Proof Brad Pitt Can’t Ride

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TMZ's reporting Brad Pitt had a bit of a tumble off a motorcycle in LA the other day after clipping a car's wing mirror. Turns out he just grabbed too much front brake.


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For those of us video-disadvantaged at our workplaces, can someone please tell us what make/model of bike he was riding? I also can't see the helmet from the pic to know why it's being cited as another element upon which Mr. Pitt needs to improve.

I will say that they were accurate in Motorcycle Safety classes when they told us that most incidents happen in low-speed situations. I've laid my bike over exactly once - when trying to back out of a parking spot in a rolling/uneven parking surface. Things were fine rolling backwards. But when I went to give it gas and engage the throttle, I started to topple. And once the weight of the bike passes that certain angle, you've got pretty much no chance of catching it - especially when your feet aren't on level ground. I pounded the foot peg down and rode on my way - no real scratches to bear witness to my folly. #carcrashes