Deadmau5 And Steven Tyler's Hilarious Venom GT U-Turn Mishap

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Rich and famous car dudes — they're just like us! Sometimes they have embarrassing traffic mishaps in their vehicles. It's just that when they do, the stakes are a bit higher. Just ask exotic Uber driver Deadmau5 and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

In a new interview with BBC Autos written by friend of Jalopnik Brett Berk, the famed Canadian electronic artist recalls his first car, purchased at 32 when he needed a ride in Los Angeles. It was just as crappy as your first car.

My first car [was terrible] like everyone else's first car. It was a Porsche 911 Carrera RS.


Uh, or maybe not, then.

In the interview Deadmau5 recounts some of the cooler rides he's owned, like his new McLaren 650S or the famed "Purrari" 458 Italia that so enraged Ferrari they sent him a cease-and-desist letter. Also, he has a Honda Fit, and he couldn't figure out why a front-driver couldn't do donuts like his other cars.

Then there's this gem involving him, Aerosmith's Tyler, and the latter's Hennessey Venom GT:

The Venom GT is a loud, really low car. We're driving it down La Cienega by the Beverly Center, where there's a hill. And it's just a terrible intersection. It sucks. So we're stuck in traffic there and he decides to do a U-turn, and the car stalls. And he can't get it started again.

It's actually a real pain to start that car. You have to wait for the pneumatic shifter to charge and all of this. So the traffic lights start going green, and we're in the middle of the intersection blocking traffic. And first, people start with the anger honk.

Then, people start to notice that it's Steven Tyler. Then everyone is hanging out of their cars taking pictures. And we're totally exposed in that car—it's just the roll bar, there's no roof. I totally have my face down.


Yeah, I can't imagine the Venom GT is great in traffic. It's not exactly a Prius, is it?

Check out the full interview, it's a good one.


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Hennessey bashing in 3,2....