Dead "D.B. Cooper" suspect may soon be ruled out

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Remember yesterday how we rehashed the story of "D.B. Cooper" (and the money he took)? Remember how we said the FBI's spokesperson for the case told Alex Hannaford, noted Cooper historian, that they "do actually have a new suspect... somebody whose possible connection to the hijacker is strong"?


Turns out the guy died ten years ago, but an item once belonging to that man was analyzed for fingerprints in an effort to match prints found aboard the plane D.B. Cooper (Dan Cooper) hijacked. No usable prints were found on the item.


The FBI has not officially cleared this latest potential suspect, but sources tell CBS News they are in the process of ruling him out.

So, it looks like we're back to square one.

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filth Farker

ITYM "DB Cooper and the money he stole."