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An odd story out of South Africa has us scratching our heads and checking our engine bays. An unnamed BMW owner from the Johannesburg area brought her BMW to the dealer to resolve a "scenario surfacing in her engine". That scenario was a family of dassies that had taken up residence all over the car. What's a dassie you ask? It's a rabbit sized mammal also known as a hyrax that tends to have poor internal temperature regulation, as a result they seek out warm nooks and crannies to huddle up in. Not being experts in dassie removal, Lyndhurst BMW called


the Johannesburg Zoo to come dig the little buggers out. The six hyraxes had to be pulled out of the engine bay and from the spare tire by the wildlife experts with only one showing burns from the fan belt. Remember, this is after the woman had driven the car to the dealer. Sadly, one the dassies didn't make it, but what do you expect from hitching a ride in an engine bay? We're just glad nothing got liquified this time.

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