BMW 320D Touring Turns Fox Into Hamburger (Not Safe For Weak Stomach)

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Imagine cruising in your brand new, 2007 BMW 320D Touring at 230 kph (~143 mph) along the pristine asphalt of the Autobahn, listening to the finest in German techno. All of a sudden from the roadside, a flash of fur streaks across the road and you feel a mild thump, accompanied by a spray of rouge across the bottom of the passenger side windscreen. All of the warning lights explode across your instrument panel. If you are the fellow who drives this particular BMW, you don't have to imagine anything, because this scenario played itself out recently and the fox who did the streaking did not live to tell his tale. Excuse our discretion, but the gallery for this one is below the fold...

We're betting that from the outside, it only looks like the bimmers' signature kidney shaped grill insert and bumper cover are damaged. Opening that hood reveals that the fox managed to plough through the grill opening, then simultaneously destroy the radiator mount, and pass through the radiator and destroy the intake system. Messy. We're betting the insurance company doesn't total this one, so we feel bad for the garage that gets the work. Hopefully they have a carnage seperator in the bottom of their work pit. If you have a weak stomach, viewing these in high resolution is less than advisable.