Having a kid grants a parent powers that would have seemed unimaginable before. Specifically, you have constant access to an extremely gullible tiny person you can convince of almost anything. Should you? That's for each parent to decide, but the results can be fun. And maybe just a little cruel.

This dad doesn't want to relinquish his phone that the four-year old wants, so he convinces the still-illiterate kid that his BMW's SOS button is, in fact, an ejector seat capable of launching the kid "into space." The kid, of course, is terrified at the prospect of being cold and alone in low-Earth orbit.


This kid is actually pretty polite, really, and I'm not sure deserves a full space-ejection. I'm not going to tell anyone how to parent their kid, though. I know this wouldn't work on my kid, because he talks about wanting to go to space all the time. I guess I'd have to explain to him that I got the ejector seat, but was too cheap to get the opening roof, so the button will just smush him up against the car's roof.

That'll shut him up.

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