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Crazy-Ass Aussie Hoons Do A Burnout In A Car Being Towed On A Trailer

If this was on an empty road, out in the middle of nowhere somewhere, this would be a comically bonkers thing to do—dangerous, sure, not a good idea, absolutely, but not horrible, because on an empty road, no other people are in real jeopardy. But to do a burnout on a trailer on a busy highway, that’s no longer fun and stupid, it’s just stupid.


That late-’80s Holden Commodore burning all that rubber on that trailer was being towed along the Hume Freeway in Australia, where the car was returning from an event called Performance Car Mania in the city of Winton.

The team had been attending the event for the past three years, but after the video appeared online, it looks like that’s the end of that. Winton Racewy Operations Manager Wayne Williams told Australia’s 9NEWS:

“I cannot condone that [video], they will be banned indefinitely.”

While the car is clearly strapped down to the trailer, spinning those wheels is putting a lot of stress on all the components that are holding the car in place, and if one bit of that fails, the car could be launched off the trailer, possibly still partially attached, wrecking the car, the trailer, the tow vehicle, and very likely any vehicles around them.


Look, if you really want to do some burnouts, great! Just don’t be a moron. Don’t do them on a trailer, in traffic. Save them for the events where they’re warranted, like a wake or a bris.

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