Crash Rips Lamborghini Gallardo In Half, Driver Walks Away

A businessman in Thailand crashed his Lamborghini Gallardo into a tree after spinning off a wet road, causing the car to split in two. Miraculously the driver walked away with only minor injuries. The car? Not so much.

According to the Bangkok Post, the driver was traveling at about 93 MPH when he spun his car off the road due to heavy rain. He was surprised to find his car split in half when he stepped out the front half.


This isn't the first time we've seen a Lamborghini split in half here, because this a safety feature engineered into these cars, and because people are constantly crashing them. Just because modern Lamborghinis have all-wheel-drive, it doesn't mean that you're invincible.


Thankfully the car did it's job because the driver was able to walk away, though his pride must surely be shattered.


Photo Credit: NAKON45 อัญวุฒิ โพธิ์อำไพ via Facebook.

Hat tip to Sirawaris!

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