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Crash Bonsai Brings Miniature Hoonage Aftermath To Your Cubicle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Someone who has experienced a car-on-tree collision first hand generally never wants to reenact the event, but if you do, there's now a company that caters to you. Crash Bonsai provides a means of reenact your tree collisions — in like 1/8 the scale. That's right folks — it's essentially nothing more than model cars crashed into bonsai trees.

The artist, John Rooney, goes through the painstaking process of precisely denting, damaging and melting model cars to look authentically wrapped around a tree. The catalog of models includes the likes of Porsches, Fords, a Barracuda, Chevelle, ML 320, TT Roadster and more with prices beginning at $75 and going upwards of $150. We're hoping he'll have a personalization service soon — merely so we can order everyone's favorite Mazda RX-7 chasing a cat up a tree and landing on it's ass. [Crash Bonsai via DVICE]