Crap Your Pants As This Camaro With No Brakes Narrowly Avoids Hitting A Truck

GIF via YouTube

Sebring International Raceway’s Chateau Élan Hotel and Conference Center features sweeping views of the circuit itself, a lively bar right next to the action, and a parking lot to bust in to A-Team-style when you lose your brakes at the hairpin. We’re glad this Camaro driver knew where the track access road went.

I’m not sure which one’s more pucker-inducing: the initial running out of run-off space, or the truck that appears in this car’s path.

Either way, we’re glad to see that no pickups were harmed in the making of this onboard video, and that the driver was able to let things cool off a bit in the trackside hotel’s parking lot before heading back over the bridge to the pits.

Correction: The original version of this article incorrectly said the car was a Corvette, when it is actually a Camaro driven during a Trans Am race by Audi USA Manager of Motorsport Tristan Herbert. If anyone ought to know the ins and outs of Sebring, it’d be him. [H/T Robb Holland!]


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