Usually, any story that begins with a driver hearing a crunch while on the road won’t have a happy ending. Every so often though, it happens. On September 3, on a drive to Calgary, Alberta, Georgie Knox hit a coyote and “heard a crunch.” Assuming it was dead, she drove on, until 20 minutes later a construction worker informed her that the coyote was still attached to her car, and still very much alive.


The coyote “looked up and blinked at me,” Knox later wrote on Facebook. The animal was fully entangled in her Toyota’s grille, but, somehow, had suffered only minor injuries. Officers from Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife Enforcement soon showed up on the scene to rescue the animal. The officers certified that the animal was not seriously hurt and released it back into the wild in Kananaskis, just outside of Calgary.

The officers also released video of the caged coyote being set free:

“Clearly,” Knox concluded on Facebook, “mother nature has other plans for this special little guy!”


We are all just trapped coyotes, riding in the fucked-up grille of a Toyota that is life. Maybe, someday, we, too, will be lucky enough to be set free.

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