Could There Be A Lamborghini Prototype At Le Mans?

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Could there be a third Volkswagen Group company competing in LMP1? Or could Lambo start out with an LMP2? Sportscar365 seems to think there's a chance.


Lamborghini is stepping up their sportscar game, devoting more and more funding to their in-house Squadra Corse motorsports department. Lamborghinis have been to Le Mans before, including in a LMGT1 Murciélago that ran in 2010.

"I not only want to participate in Le Mans, I want to win," said Lamborghini motorsport coordinator and chief test driver Giorgio Sanno in an interview with Top Gear. "Our racing program and budget currently extends to 2018. F1 is completely out of our mind because VW is not interested."

Well, that's an interesting thing to say considering that someone in the Volkswagen Group is absolutely interested in Formula One and they're using Scuderia Ferrari's ex-team principal to study the viability of getting into F1.


Perhaps he just means there's no interest in a Lambo F1 team.

Where would Lambo go if they're going to Le Mans?

"[E]ndurance racing is a very good program, and we have to look at LMP1," continued Sanno. "But we have to grow step by step."


Should Audi jump ship to F1, Lamborghini could easily join Porsche in the World Endurance Championship's LMP1 class and run at Le Mans.

Sportscar365 suggests that Lamborghini could start an LMP2 program as soon as next year, should they choose to baby-step their way up to the more expensive LMP1s.


While I'm not sure how Porsche feels about Lamborghini adding themselves to the mix, I'm confident that Lambo could provide some much needed lunacy to the WEC LMP1 class.

Far more likely in the interim would be the running of some of Lamborghini's Huracáns in the GT classes. Lamborghinis already run in the Asian Le Mans series, where the Super Trofeo GT3 cars are eligible for entry. Porsche found success with running its GT programs at Le Mans for years. Why not?


Come to think of it, the more Lambos, the better. Enter Lamborghini racecars everywhere, please.

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Do I mind if Lamborghini fields its own LMP entry? No way, the more the merrier. But the whole idea of Lamborghini is to be a crazy street car. That's why the race car versions are great, because they're cars that don't really belong on a race track. Building a dedicated Lamborghini prototype racer feels like missing the point.