Lamborghini Finally Gets Serious About Racing With Huracán GT3

If you've ever wondered why pants-on-face-bonkers supercar manufacturer Lamborghini doesn't really have a factory racing effort, well, they're about to fix that. They're developing a Lamborghini Huracán for FIA GT3 racing. You're welcome.


Lamborghini has dabbled in racing for years, both with the one-make Super Trofeo as well as giving some support to the team of Reiter Engineering, who have run Diablos, Gallardos and Murciélagos in the past.


Now Lamborghini is developing a car for FIA GT3 racing through its own in-house Squadra Corse motorsports arm. The car will be mostly based on the production Huracán, but shed a few hundred pounds off of its curb weight to comply with GT3 standards. It's likely that they will shed the all-wheel-drive system as fellow Volkswagen Group racers Bentley and Audi have done to meet weight restrictions.

I can't wait to see the 5.2-liter Huracán V10 in a racecar as well. We need more racing V10s, especially with Dodge pulling their factory Viper team from United SportsCar. V10s are love and happiness in an engine note. There can never be enough.

This entry from Lamborghini places it head-to-head (or rather, wheel-to-wheel) with the new BMW M6 GT3. I can't wait to see this much awesomeness on one track at once. While we're at it, does anyone else want to announce a new GT3 car today? The more, the merrier.


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I think that VW Group needs to get into F1 with a Lamborghini branded team. I know their efforts are on Le Mans right now, but considering how large they are I think there's enough money (and people) to have both teams be competitive.

There was almost a new Porsche F1 team apparently, but I think Bugatti Lambo would be a much better fit.