The BMW M6 GT3 Will Be A Twin-Turbo V8 Track Destroying Beast

BMW has been racing the Z4 in GT3 competition since 2010. While it is still cool, it is getting dated. And that's why BMW has just announced that they will be replacing it with a new GT3-version of the M6 starting in 2016.

When BMW entered the Z4 in GT3, it came with a few caveats, the biggest being that the Z4 GT3 had a V8 engine in a production based class. The Z4 doesn't have a V8 engine on the road, at all. But The FIA figured they were better with BMW than without, signed a bunch of waivers, and the Z4 was in.


But now, that car has become dated. And with the recent influx of new GT3-spec cars like the Bentley Continental GT, the time seems right for BMW to introduce a new car.

That car will be based on the M6, but will have a ton of weight taken out. Like the Bentley. It'll also have a racing gearbox, racing ABS brakes, and maintain the 4.4 liter turbo V8 as the heart of the operation. BMW says that the car will be available for customer teams to order in 2015, and will hit the track in 2016.

The drawing looks great. And now we play the waiting game.

The waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos instead.

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