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Could The Scion FR-S Get A Hybrid Version For More Performance?

Illustration for article titled Could The Scion FR-S Get A Hybrid Version For More Performance?

Go ahead and sit down if you aren't already, because I have some news that may upset you: it is possible that our beloved Toyota GT-86 (aka Scion FR-S, aka Subaru BRZ, aka The Toyobaru) could get a hybrid version in the near future. Gasp!


That's what the UK's Autocar is reporting, anyway. They spoke to chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, who said he is exploring all possibilities for improving the car's performance. That could include forced induction, but it could also include electric motor assistance. Here's what he said:

“I’ve been asked a lot about a turbocharging,” Tada told us. “We are already working on a mid-life facelift for the car, and we are investigating both turbocharging and supercharging too,” he added. “But an electric motor assistance solution is also possible, and would bring benefits that forced induction does not.”


Okay, more power for the Toyobaru. Enthusiasts have been clamoring for that since then beginning, although I have driven it and I don't feel like it needs it all that much. Tada adds this, and I think it's an important point.

"But we must guard against compromising any of the key virtues of the standard GT86 in the pursuit of more power.”

I'm glad Tada sees that. He probably knows better than anyone that one of the best things about the Toyobaru is its purity, its unabashed old-school-ness. Do they really want to mess with that in the pursuit of power?

On the other hand, let's play devil's advocate. Nearly all of the hypercars we saw at Geneva this week have hybrid systems to boost power and efficiency, one way or another. Now we could also see that on an affordable sportscar most of us love already.


Does this mean that hybrids have finally arrived for people like you and me? That they aren't just for Priuses and Insights anymore? Tell us what you think this means, and if the Toyobaru should go hybrid or not.

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Bill Caswell

The beauty here will be the first run unmolested cars. These will be the ones people will modify. not the Hybrid deals coming next. In a very bizarre way, going hybrid 100% with the Toyoburu thing means no more crazy tuning by the masses. Obviously it wont be 100% hybrid but you get the point. AND I can tell you first hand that the car is AMAZING with 475hp and 475 ft lbs of torque. I race drive/ race Crawford's one a month or so and I count the days till I can get back in. Its so fast, so light. the turn in is ridiculous. Makes my BMWs feel like a Mercedes. The car needs more power. and with it tires and suspension and brakes. STI version please. or better would be to sell a Crawford "trunk kit" but yeah Im biased.