When the modern world gives you weird, swirly, digital lemons, each with the face of that angry meme wolf, you hand it back a glass of lemonade poured from a pitcher shaped like an ass-kicking. That's my advice, son.

Commenting on a story about a boastful young lad, who's made a killing from the most bizarre limonade stand ever conceived, our boy atx211 conceptualizes a bizarre counter-story that puts the digital insanity into perspective. Even if you have no idea what any of this means, you'll come away enlightened. To what, exactly, is anyone's guess.

This really isn't funny guys. I mean I can really relate to this poor guy.

I used to sell Farmville equipment before those Cityville bastards came along and lured everybody away from the quiet life. I made literally hundreds of dollars, and all before the age of thirty. I really thought I had it all. I had tens of pairs of White sunglasses, and more Ed Hardy gear than everyone on my block, and even bought an X90 and converted it to a V8.

When the bubble burst my life began to Spinelling out of control. If it Wert for WOW gold I would have lost it all. I thought Gold Farming had saved my life. I spent days on the computer racking up new clients, and buying even better stuff. I had even bigger white sunglasses now, I could finally afford bedazzled Affliction shirts, and jeans with crazy stiff stitched all over them, that even had the holes pre-cut. Big time, you know? I bought a better car, moved into a bigger room in my mom's house, and even got to kiss a girl on the cheek once. Wow.

So I decided to share my fortunes and triumphs with some bros on my favorite net board, and that's when things went horribly wrong again. They laughed at me. They didn't even believe me after I obliged the SR20 rule, and those who did just made fun of me harder. I couldn't take it anymore. I went to COSTCO and bought two cases of Monster and and a flat of Slim Jims. I was going to end it all.

Turns out I can't even do that right though, because all I managed to do was get an acute caffeine buzz, and a bleeding ulser. Realizing I was too weak to off myself I rushed to the emergency room. Unfortunately though I didn't know how to drive a high powered car at all and crashed 100 yards out of my driveway.

The police found me naked in the neighbors yard, chewing on sticks and muttering "This is the end of the world...Of Warcraft.

Anyway, anybody want to by a slightly used Koenigsegg CCX?