Apparently you can make enough money selling WoWBots to buy a tuned, carbon-fiber-laden Nissan GT-R for $150,000. That's what one 18-year-old forum denizen says he did, and now he's selling the car on the board. Naturally, everyone else thinks he's trolling.

Oh, and the car may or may not have a front bumper. Let's back up a sec.

A WOWBot is a piece of code that automates World of Warcraft gameplay, so a player can level up while, simultaneously, bedding Hollywood starlets, racing liter bikes on the Isle of Man and training for an Antarctic triathalon, or whatever it is WoW players do when they're not in the basement.

Like the infamous WoW virtual currency traders, known as "gold farmers," WoWBot programmers can make big bucks selling their wares. (Or is that warez?)

This kid says he gets the bots from China and resells them, charging a monthly fee. He claims to have collected more than 100 web sites and 6,500 subscriptions, which pay out at between $21 and $110 a month. Thus is the reason for his apparent, GT-R-level flushness with U.S. currency. Holy sheepshit. Maybe that's even true.

But back to the thread. The kid posts the car's specs, and immediately forum dwellers call his credibility to question โ€” thanks in no small measure to the kid's cockeyed spelling. A little later, one of the kid's buddies jumps into the fray, and the thread descends into a Battle of Verdun-style flame war, in which everyone loses. Want to write a cautionary tale on lowest-common-denominator forum etiquette, or a textbook on flaming cliches? Just get in there and start copying and pasting. Let's have a sample of that:

you said you got a $9k computer you fuck! LOL
gtfo of here with your non sense.
You supposedly make 6 figures, buy a brand new 2012 GT-R, and trash the living shit out of it. You will soon enough run out of money, if you even have any, and live the life of a dirt poor scum bag. You have no education, a beat to shit gt-r, a daddy that you're mad at, and you constantly lie and troll.
Just save us all some time and click "Log Out"
I'm 19, in the air force, and much more respectable than you will ever be.
If i had a chance of making 6 figure income and bought a brand new godzilla, i sure as fucking hell would not treat it like this. You are an idiot and at this moment in time, are SUCKING at life. Hope you have a nice savings account, have fun on the streets.

Oh and Sean1, continue sucking your little bros dick. Hilarious. If either of you where serious about any of this, you would put a little more effort into selling this ragged ass gt-r. You said he never posted a price? Shit. I'll give you 10k cash money, franklins, today.

Why in the hell is this thread not locked???
Kid needs to be banned, he said it was all a joke.

Anyways, enjoy life. I'll be flying to Greece, Spain, Australia, and numerous other places for the next 20 years.


Just as the thread starts to spin out of control โ€” and a cadre of more level-headed forum dwellers cry for the admin to lock the thread โ€” someone posts a link to the kid's YouTube videos. It's the usual stuff โ€” donuts in parking lots, a launch-control run. And then, further down, a video gift to the haters: The kid's got an NSFW assault of freestyle posturing from behind the wheel of the '12 GTR in question.

In classic joke-gone-wrong style, the bit, which that was probably way funnier after the first joint, is misinterpreted as an earnest dick-waving show. The crowd gets ugly. The kid admits he's "a viral marketer" and the video was an attempt to get views for his YT channel. As "is it real?" viral vids go, we've seen a lot worse. Points to the kid.

And so it continues, spiraling downward into high-spec meme-image warfare, as the kid's prospects of selling the car on the board get slimmer and slimmer. And guess what? They were still at it, when the admin finally locked the thread earlier today. Will the car sell on the board? Or will the flaming explode into some sort of IRL confrontation. Is the kid for real, or is he trolling hard for viral pickup?


Either way, as entertaining forum threads go, this one gets three and a half Cheez Nips out of five. Ebay has nothing to worry about.