COTD: Travis Pastrana's NASCAR video game edition

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With his crunchy right foot still ensconced in a pink cast, Travis Pastrana has a lot of free time to dream up elaborate pranks on Ken Block and get ready for next year's NASCAR season. Thanks to iRacing, Pastrana is focusing on his oval-track stock car debut next year. It's impressive compared to Sprint Cup wannabe Danica Patrick habit of building anticipation through controversial quotes, one Don Guacamole has a hard time imagining other racers following:

And in the meantime on Parallel Universe Numer 45.34D;

Kamui Kobayashi had some shocking comments after being asked how he feels about the fore coming US GP in November, 2012:

"Well, I'm concerned of going over to the US, I've read a lot of books and I've been following the media recently, every two weeks or so there's like a major accident, shootings, and I read that the burgers there are like 5 times as greasy as a croissant, 5 times! no wonder why they are super fat and huge, I heard they grow like up to 3 meters, probably because of the radiation that was stored there for the Nuclear testings in the 50's"

"Also, they say they eat bacon, so that probably means they don't eat fruits or whatever"

Also, Lewis Hamilton expressed his sentiments:

"Well, I don't always start off GP's as American Girls do, I prefer going fast and try to take first place as soon as possible, but when I do..."


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Congratulations, Mr. Don Guacamole (yum), on COTD today! My award to you is this all-American Foose Stallion Mustang, which this lovely lady will bring to you in a few days. Her name is Elle. Funny COTD, Sir!