Rally/motocross star Travis Pastrana was set to make his big debut in the left-turn-only world of Nascar on Saturday — until he broke two bones attempting a massive jump at ESPN's X-Games Thursday night. Maybe the motorcycle got jealous.


Attempting to land a 720-degree, double-backflip-and-spin move that's never been completed in motocross before, Pastrana landed hard on his right leg during his second attempt, fracturing his right foot and ankle; ESPN.com later reported Pastrana would need surgery.

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While he's not been officially scratched from Saturday's Nationwide race for Michael Waltrip's team, Pastrana hasn't officially updated his status since last night, all signs point to him setting out the race. Pastrana was also scheduled to run six additional races, part of a grand marketing treaty between Pastrana and the youth-obsessed Nascar. Wonder if Ken Block has some time to kill....

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