COTD: The Night Before LOLsmas edition

What did we do before the internetz? I remember something about Metallica and a short italian guy with a mustache that jumped on mushrooms. Right. My cousin Anthony. Nowadays, though, LOLs come like tommy-gun fire, and schadenfreude is tempered by being a quintillion bits removed from actual bad stuff happening.

But the holidays are here, and we've got Spiegel. And we also have people who live far away from us doing things that are crazy and stupid, but when they don't die doing them, they're heroic and amazing. In that vein, Spiegel, who also placed second in today's COTD derby, gives us this gem, which leads us into the holiday home stretch with — as Wordsworth once wrote — gladsome power. To all a good night, indeed.


Twas a thursday in Jalop and all through the webs
We were posting some lolcats and spiderman threads

Orlove with the answers of the day before
"OMG Y U NO DIS ONE" posts, everyone's sore

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Geisty comes with a vid, what's going on here?

A crazy ass dude of Middle Eastern descent,
Or Indian, whatever bro, he's not 'murican.

Comes riding on skates behind a small bike.
A small line attached, fucks not given outright.

He suddenly bellows with great, great might.
Something quite scary, it gave me a fright.

"Fuck Honda, Fuck Vespas, Fuck BMW and Ducati.
Fuck Yamaha, Peugeot Triumphs and Kawasaki."

As I watched the video I was surprised at his skill.
But was really hoping he'd trip, lol's fulfilled.

But he did not fall and I was impressed
And for his feats, this man won the interwebs

And as I leave to troll more in oppoland,
I say good night to you and that dude's the man.

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