This motorcycle-propelled freestyle rollerblader is our undisputed 2011 champion for the "Dear God, don't even think about trying this at home, but damn this kid is good!" title.

Again: For the love of humanity, do not try to do anything even remotely like this. If you're not spending half of this video thinking about what will happen when this guy hits a stone or a crack in the road, you're not thinking enough.


That said, I mean, c'mon: This whole hundred and five seconds is friggin' awesome, man. We scored him a 10 for audacity, a 9.5 for bike control, an 8 for form, a 10 for program duration, a 9 for facial hair (Dave Navarro, please contact your copyright lawyer) and a 7 for the remount (sloppy, but he stayed upright). We can totally see an energy drink sponsorship coming out of this.

(Hat tip to Gabriel!)

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