COTD: The Good Old Days Were Terrible Edition

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Remember Jim Crow? Remember dysentery? Remember how nobody had invented the Doritos taco yet????? Man, things were terrible back in the day.

Some of us still look back on the past with rose-tinted glasses, which isn't a big surprise. While we were watching a lady strap in a gas can instead of her baby, ivan256 openly longed for good old days.

When I was little my mom had a shit-brown 1975 TR7. My baby sister would sit in a car seat, and I would sit in the well in the back where the roof would go if it was folded down. I used to ask my mother to go around corners faster 'cause it was fun to hold on for dear life.

People are a bunch of pussies these days. :)

(She finally got a four-seater after getting a ticket 'cause I wasn't in a seat. She never had a car with more than two doors though.)


That's when ThirdPedalGirl, your friendly neighborhood Pinterest filter jumped in with a less nostalgic perspective.

When my dad raced hobby stock, there were no SAFER barriers or HANS devices. He never broke his neck or punched his steering column through his chest by hitting a wall.

Racecar drivers are a bunch of pussies these days. :)

Your reasoning is flawed. Before you call modern parents pussies for using current safety tech in their cars for their kids, you should look at pictures of what a four year old looks like after she's been thrown through a windshield and clear of a car in a high speed crash.

Photo Credit: Herb Gouldon