COTD: The Ferrari Dealer Edition

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"Sure you could buy that 458, but really, you'll rarely ever go on the track with it. You'd be happier just listening to the V8 top-down in this shiny new California." BAM. You just got talked into the worst decision of your life.

There's always a way to talk someone into a deal. For instance, all it takes is a little drop in fuel prices and people start buying thirstier cars.


While we were discussing this not-so-surprising development in today's Morning Shift, west-coaster explained how these deals must be going down at the dealership.

There might be another factor at play in the slight drop in MPG.

When gas prices go up, as they did in early spring, deals on thirstier cars go up. Everyone shopping for a car wants the one with the higher MPG, and the guzzlers get passed by. So, incentives are better on the large ones.


"Well, sure, we can do a deal on the Traverse. But, you know, the Tahoe is really the better vehicle. You can tow more (the trailer you'll never have), plus Chevy does real trucks better than anyone (you can compensate for your small penis, plus show that wife of yours who's boss). I can actually get you a lower monthly payment on the Tahoe as well (classic stealership ploy - get the buyer to focus on the monthly payment rather than the total cost). As for gas mileage, well, it's pretty close (except if gas hits $5 a gallon, then you'll feel like a read idiot, but I won't care at that point). Why don't we take that gorgeous Tahoe for a spin. And by the way, I really like you."


Photo Credit: Ed Callow