COTD: The Dukes Of Sepang edition

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Even before Renault's Vitaly Petrov performed a Dukes of Hazzard impersonation, the Malaysian Grand Prix race had far more excitement than the line of Vettel pole-to-pole might suggest. Commenter ∞Gîmmî∞, who has some personal knowledge of Formula One, gave his wishlist for the future:

I just have to say that Sepang was a crazy GP and I had trouble sleeping afterwards. I got lots of Kamui porn and the Rudderless Russian even added some insanity to the mix. Loved seeing Nick get up there, the start was bonkers, everyone was obviously shocked, nobody expected that or planned that for their start. No real rain so we could actually see what was what, I was hoping it wouldn't rain so we could get a good look at the field and not have a crazy wet race. I generally wouldn't mind a wet race but I would rather see the tyres and performance as they are. The Ferraris are interesting, they aren't too bad in the race but they need to do better qualy or they will be fighting through all season. Schumi has more mechanical excuses, he had some good moments but I'm not seeing overall magic. I think Nick will be in the mix and give the top teams some headaches, maybe O'l rudders will have some better races and give them even more. I don't like to see people crash a lot, Vitaly seems to be a nice guy and I hope he can get that under control, the gutter launching needs to stop! Well there is so much, I really hope that we can get a few more like this! I can't wait to see Kamui at a few of the better circuits!


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Question for the eds, not sure if it'll get answered or not: How much do you guys peruse oppositelock anyway? Matt posts there sometimes, Ray and Justin pretty rarely, and I don't know if I ever seen a Mike post there. Do you just skim and read the comments? Inquiring minds and whatnot...